2018 – Inaugural Scholarship Recipients




Stanley cup and youth hockey

Youth hockey





Age: 8      Height: 4’6″      Weight: 55lbs      Favorite Position: Fwd

Favorite NHL Team: Detroit Red Wings      Favorite Player: Gordie Howe


Passionate, big smile, love of the game. Colin started playing soccer but soon realized his true calling was in the ‘coolest’ game on earth…Ice Hockey. He hit the ice for the first time three years ago at the age of five during a ‘free learn-to-play’ session at Olympic View Arena and has not stopped since. Like many of us when we were all kids, all Colin wants to do is eat, drink, and sleep hockey, playing at every moment he has the chance to. This year and coming season will be really tight financially for the family with Colin’s dad, Steve, going back to school full time to be able to better help the family in the future while tag teaming shifts at a local bar with Colin’s mom, Mary, so they can have someone at home with Colin and his 2.5 year old younger sister, Rosalyn.

Mary and Steve have been trying to figure out how to keep Colin in hockey…enter Seattle Youth Hockey Assist and you, our supporters. The Twigg family is perfect for what Seattle Youth Hockey Assist is about—assisting local families in times of need, who are working to help themselves at the same time. Mike Ringstad, Tom Sprague, Olen Anderson, and I are really excited to welcome Colin, Rosalyn, Mary, and Steve to our family and assist in Colin’s 2018 hockey season.