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Thank you for your support I’m reaching our goal of helping as many kids as we can!

We strive to be an additional resource in the Greater Seattle area for families who need an assist keeping their kids on the ice. If you know of a family in need, nominate them by contacting Executive Director, Ryno (ryno@seattleyouthhockeyassist.org). In your email share why you feel they deserve assistance. Prior to SYHA awarding scholarships, families will need to demonstrate a need for assistance and provide concurrence from their youth hockey association.


Scholarship Recipients


Stanley cup and youth hockey

Youth hockey

Age: 9 (2010)

Height: 4’6″      Weight: 55lbs

Team: SJHA 10U Jr Totems      Favorite Position: Fwd

Favorite NHL Team: Detroit Red Wings      Favorite Player: Gordie Howe #9

Passionate, big smile, love of the game. Colin started playing soccer but soon realized his true calling was in the ‘coolest’ game on earth…Ice Hockey. He hit the ice for the first time three years ago at the age of five during a ‘free learn-to-play’ session at Olympic View Arena and has not stopped since. Like many of us when we were all kids, all Colin wants to do is eat, drink, and sleep hockey, playing at every moment he has the chance to. This year and coming season will be really tight financially for the family with Colin’s dad, Steve, going back to school full time to be able to better help the family in the future while tag teaming shifts at a local bar with Colin’s mom, Mary, so they can have someone at home with Colin and his 2.5 year old younger sister, Rosalyn.

Mary and Steve have been trying to figure out how to keep Colin in hockey…enter Seattle Youth Hockey Assist and you, our supporters. The Twigg family is perfect for what Seattle Youth Hockey Assist is about—assisting local families in times of need, who are working to help themselves at the same time. Mike Ringstad, Tom Sprague, Olen Anderson, and I are really excited to welcome Colin, Rosalyn, Mary, and Steve to our family and assist in Colin’s 2018 hockey season.



Age: 9 (2010)

Team: EYH 10U      Favorite Position: Fwd

Favorite NHL Team: San Jose Sharks      Favorite Player: Martin Jones #31

Kian Bray is 8 years old. He fell in love with hockey when he was about 2 years old when his parents (Jeff and Elizabeth) took him to his first Silvertips games. He told them he “wanted to do that!” So they put him in ice skating lessons at age 3 (Snowplow Sam), and after some initial struggle, he got the hang of it, especially thanks to a figure skater named Linda who was helping out with lessons and gave him some much needed one-on-one attention. But, he soon got bored. By that fall, Jeff and Elizabeth had met a mom of an older hockey player (a parent of a student in Elizabeth’s class) and she said he probably wanted a stick in his hands. So they ditched skating lessons and enrolled him in beginner hockey at Everett. Kian loved it! He played 2 years developing with the beginner program, one year at the 6U level, and is now in his 2nd year playing at the 8U level.

Kian has always had a passion for playing goalie, although he learned some difficult lessons in this position in the winter of 17-18. He still wants to play goalie, but also tasted his first goal in Canada in March 2018 and LOVED that! He’s excited to go see the Sharks vs. the Canucks again in February with his Dad! Kian’s may not be the fastest, but he’s a versatile player and learning all the bits and pieces all over the ice! He’s a great teammate! In the off season, Kian plays whatever sport he feels led to play – he’s taken swim lessons, played soccer, t-ball, and baseball. Sometimes he thinks about football or basketball, but hockey takes precedence!



Sponsored in 2018

Age: 18 (2000)

Height: 6′      Weight: 190 yylbs

Hometown: Puyallup, WA

Position: Center      Team: Seattle Totems

Braden Sanchez is a local Pacific Northwest player who has benefited from a Junior Hockey organization in the Greater Seattle Area. The Seattle Totems have given many kids like Braden opportunities to play and experience Junior hockey while staying in their home area. For Braden, this means he does not have to choose between moving away to play Junior hockey or staying home to help with family matters; instead Braden can help with his family while playing the sport he’s loved since he was a toddler. However, because the Seattle Totems are like numerous Junior A Tier II teams across the nation, there is a fee paid by the players. Braden has very limited free time, if any, to work with the commitment it takes to play at the Junior level and with his commitment to helping his family.

Braden is a compassionate, hard working individual and he brings a selfless, team first attitude to every aspect of his life. It would be a detriment to the sport of Hockey to not provide a little assistance so a kid like Braden could continue his junior hockey career.


Age: 15 (2004) 

Height: 5’8” 

Weight: 135

Favorite Position: Left Wing

Team: Sno-King Seattle Jr. Thunderbirds 16u AAA

Favorite NHL Team: Calgary Flames

Favorite Player: Matthew Tkachuk 

Dominic was just a little kid when he was introduced to hockey, his grandma Kristi took him to his first Silvertips game in Everett and he’s been playing ever since. He started at SJHA when he was 4 years old. Dominic’s grown as a player on the ice and as a person off the ice. Dominic loves the game of hockey and wants to play it for however long he can, while enjoying every second of it.


Age: 14 (2005)

4’10” 98lb


Favorite Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Zeek from a really young age was high energy, at age 1 he got a taste of hockey when his mom put a pair of roller skates on him. At 2 ½ he was able to get on the ice…and the rest is history. He fell in love with the sport and caught on quickly. Fast forward to Zeek playing AA Hockey for the Everett Junior Silvertips 14U and loving every minute of it. SYHA is happy to be a part of Zeek’s hockey to assist him in following his dream of playing college hockey.


Age 14 (2005)

6’1” 212lb


Favorite Team: Montreal Canadians

Nate was adopted into the Chaffin family by the single mom of Zeek, unlike Zeek he didn’t fall in love with the sport right away. It was a little too loud and fast but after being dragged to the rink Nate decided to give it a try. SYHA is so excited to help out and excited to see his wicked slap shot! Nate is playing AA Hockey for Everett Junior Silvertips U14 and hoping to play college hockey one day.


Age: 13 (2006)

4’8” 96lb


Favorite Team: Pittsburg Penguins

Carlos joined the Chaffin family at age 3 and loved watching Zeek on the ice. However, it took 4 years to obtain tribal permission for Carlos to play, but once Carlos hit the ice the rest is history. He has a great respect for all aspects of the game and never wants to stop learning and growing. SYHA is excited to be apart of your growth in this great sport Carlos! This year Carlos is playing AA Hockey for the Everett Junior Silver Tips 14 U with his two brothers and also has aspirations to play college hockey!

Note from the Martinez family:

With four special needs kids to care for including 3 different schools, only Dad is able to work while mom is tasked with all of the varying appointments and school needs and overall care.  Seattle Youth Hockey Assist has been a godsend to our family to allow our kids to develop and follow their dreams of not only playing hockey, but of overcoming their disabilities to play at the highest level of hockey.  All of the kids including Ian, our 10-year-old who stopped playing this year due to no team being suitable for him in Washington, love the free SYHA clinics and getting to skate with Coach Ryno and the other volunteer coaches at their clinics.  During the season you will find both parents headed two different directions for MHL boys league, or north to Canada for the girls’ PCAHA games.  All of this effort has been well supported by SYHA and is most graciously appreciated because without the assistance we do not know how we would swing it all. 

— Dave and Andee Martinez 


Age: 8 (2011)

Team: Everett Youth Hockey 8U

GregoryGregory suffers from a rare genetic replication which causes small stature, cognitive delays and decreased motor skills.  He has one physical passion and that is hockey.  He is a first year 8U player for the Everett Jr. Silvertips, Grizzlies.  He played his 7-year-old season down in the Everett 6U program.  He has made incredible advances in his skills this year, but he still struggles getting his skates and stick to go in the same direction.  He loves the friendships and the team work required to play hockey.  Even though he still falls a lot and fans on the puck more often than not, he never stops competing, and always has a smile on his face.  When he is not at practice, games, or his schools he can usually be found in the garage or living room with a stick and puck nearby.



Age: 11 (2008)

Team: Washington Wild Female Association 12U A

EmmaAllie suffers from a severe case of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with other behavioral and aggressive disorders.  She started playing hockey in the Everett Beginners program but moved to the Washington Wild all girls program at age 7.  She carries her birth mom’s genetic trait of being small in stature but she plays three times her size with her aggressive and physical game.  She is the only two-time winner of the WWFHA 10U house league in the history of the league.  She also won the scoring title last year. This year she tried out and made the WWFHA 12U A rep team.  She is enjoying her first year playing in the PCAHA all girls rep program and striving to make the AA team next year.



Age: 12 (2007)

Team: Washington Wild Female Association 12U AA

Allie and Ian

Emma suffers from the same rare genetic disorder that Gregory has. She is very small and diminutive for her age at 12 years old.  She followed the same path from Everett Beginners to WWFHA as her sister. She played her 9-year-old season down in the 8U program. She did not want to play hockey at first and sat out the first year, but fell in love with the game once she donned the pads.  Emma has made a huge jump from her 11-year-old year playing for the WWFHA 12U house program, to making and contributing to the 12U AA Rep WWFHA squad.  She is constantly working on her game when not on the ice and also enjoys giving back by helping the younger kids during Beginner sessions.


Additional Recipients:

Chloe Church

Jaedin Wolfe

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